Your Threat Of Unstanning And Your Hate Won’t Stop God Blessings On Erica – Bervlynn, Erica’s Fan

Bervlynn, one of Erica’s staunch Twitter fan has hit at naysayers.

Just like in any other fan bases across the world where some few aggrieved people will leave and become enemies to their old camps, Elites have been facing internal rumbling.

The lady, Berv, in a post on Twitter lashed at all those have been badmouthing Erica.

In the post, she made mention that people can’t stop God’s blessings for the Star Girl since God has the right and responsibility to.

And the fact one stops Supporting a celebrity doesn’t mean the end of the their blessings.

“…The only person that stop anyone from receiving blessings is God and God only…” She said.

She continued to admonish those doing the hating on Erica to stop feeling “too important”

See tweet below

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