Your JuJu ain’t Working on me…JUJU Man – ShowBoy on Medikal

Sam Kwabena Sarfo popularly known as “Showboy” is a Ghanaian based American artiste and Fashion-Forward, he does Hip-Pop and Rap genre and very contentious person, who always speaks his mind, took to his Twitter page accusing Medikal of using Juju for his music and even trying it on him.



Both of them are all into AMG business, Medikal being a Hip-hop, Hiplife, Afro pop Artist and has been in the news for a while now with his new found love Fella Makafui.


On the 15th December, Sam Kwabena Sarfo the Paapa y3 guy hitmaker twitted, “Tell Medikal HIS juju ain’t working on me…voodoo man”.

The 2hype gang boss has been on AMG  Medikal the whole of this week accusing him of Practicing voodoo and he also twitted this within the course of this week: “ To all the bloggers, help me spread this news….NO ONE SHOULD EVER TAKE MONEY FROM MEDIKAL…if he throws money on the floor don’t take it…he gives u gift don’t receive it…MDK IS A SPIRITUALIST AND INTO OCCULTISM… SHINE UR EYES PLS…NDURO NKOA HE DEY TAKE DO MUSIC”

Why is Showboy hammering so hard on MEDIKAL for practicing juju. Unpersuasively, is Showboy also practicing juju? In Akan adage, only witch sees his fellow witch.


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