Your Father Spent All His Youthfulness On [email protected]@, Stop Complaining – Mr. Logic Completely Destroys A Fan

Mr. Logic has descended on a fan who sought to troll him.

Fans always seem having problems with their favourites throwing their weight behind a political candidate during elections.

A fan of the astute Showbiz pundit is still very bitter with him so he attacked him under his own post.

Mr. Logic posted to compliment Shatta Wale for his verse on the “Barrel Remix” by Gold Up Music.

A fan attacked him saying that he together with Nana Addo have messed up “everything”.

” U and ur Nana Addo messed up everything. Nobody listened to anything. Just kmfd.” He said under Mr. Logic’s post.

Unfortunately for the guy, Mr. Logic saw and almost immediately replied him.

According to the artist manager, the guy’s father spent a greater part of his youth on women that’s why they are poor.

He therefore urged him to stop blaming his family’s failure on the president.

See tweet below

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