You Will Die In Two Weeks Time – Kelvin Taylor Threatens Afia Pokua

The broadcast journalist, Kelvin Ekow Taylor has been having back and forth with Afia Pokuaa before, during and after the elections.

The founder of the Loud Silence Media first attacked the host of “Critical Issues On UTV and Peace FM”, Afia Pokua.

Known for her bold and firm criticisms of the happenings in the country, the Vim Lady shared her candid opinion on Martin Amidu’s resignation letter.

Kelvin Taylor who didn’t like it attacked the lady and said it’s because of journalist that’s why the country is suffering.

There have been back and forth between the two ever since that incidence.

Journalists are being verbally and physically attacked for having projected the NPP the victors of the 2020 elections.

Afia, as usual shared her opinion on and warned of a potential death for a journalist.

In a Facebook post she said “The way politicians are threatening media people we should not be surprised if we wake up to news that a journalist has been kil..”

The Ghanaian USA- based broadcast journalist did not take this lightly at all, he therefore descended on Vim Lady, threatening him with death.

According to the controversial journalist, Afia is frightened of being a target for the attack.

And that she would rather die in the two weeks she forecasted.

Because she is somebody who has described Ghana’s democracy.

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