Terseer Kiddwayaa has seen the importance of assuming a fatherly figure to fans.

Kiddwaya as better known has reached out to a saddened fan.

The fan who has lost his mother and brother took to Twitter to vent his saddness.

Fortunately, Kiddwayaa happened to see the said tweet and immediately mourned with the fan.

In a reply to the fan’s tweet, Kiddwaya posted ” More sleepless nights will come, the day will feel longer. The pain will grow, but so with your strength. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldier and this battle was given to you. You may feel alone but I can assure, you are not. We are all with you”

A very touching reply and there is no better way of consoling the young guy.

Indeed, Kidd is a hero, very Royal and presidential.

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