Year Of Return Brought The Likes Of Harvey, Ludaris, Boris & Others Including ‘Mansa’ A Tanzanian Musician [What You Should Know About Him]

Year of Return has brought to the shores of Ghana a lot of celebrities including actors, actresses, musical artists and others from around the globe.

The wind of the Year of Return 2019 has “blew” to the shores of Ghana an exceptional up and coming young musical artist Abdoulaye Dia, known by the stage name  Mansa who is  technically half Malian but identify as Nigerienne a true potential illustrious young  son of Africa.

Mansa is a young artist based in South Africa, but is a musical freelancer and a model who moves around the globe doing music, his stage name Mansa means emperor, sultan or conqueror. He is a direct descendant of the Keita dynasty from the famous Mali Empire. His unique inspirational name comes from the famous Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire who was the first African Ruler to be widely known throughout Europe and the Middle East, and is regarded as the richest person to have ever lived.

 Mansa was born in Niamey, Niger and grew up in Arusha, Tanzania. Both Countries played a huge role in his creativity and identity.

The creative talented Mansa makes African influenced hip-hop by mixing mushed musical tracks with a lot of African instruments which creates its own unique sounds. At the beginning of doing music he was known by the stage name   Psxch.

He started making music as a teenager, with his friends in Arusha by the group name HTBX. Some of their music got a little known within the Tanzanian sound cloud community but It was a “raw” style of music and not polished to go far.

 Wanting to explore good music further, he decided to educate himself on certain aspects of musical productions to perfect what his previous style of music was lacking. Mansa did this by using the internet and later enrolled  in a sound production course to learn and Study sound engineering, making his own music and modeling as well, It was  around the exploration time that he truly  discovered and understood the need to reflect his  unique  genuine identity in his new  style of   music. When he finally found himself dynamic creativity, he changed his stage name from Psxch to Mansa.

Mansa looks up to all the great African artistes, takes inspiration from them and aspire to go beyond them.

Currently Mansa is in the studio working hard on his first musical album titled NAME ME MANSA, and hopes to take African music to a different level and expect all to perceive his art with an open mind.

Adjoa Good Friday, Editor, GhTrendingLinks

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