Wicked Woman Bathed Husband With Hot Water Out of Insecurity; [Before And After Pictures Is Revolting]

“The first night home, he took me to bed and beat me. While he was making love to me, he was beating me across the face, hard. Saying are you sorry for what you did? So, you regret what you have done, talking about the CID charges.

 So, I pretended I liked it, because I knew with Selassie that anything I liked, he wouldn’t do and anything I didn’t like he would do to torture me. That’s the kind of person that he turned out to be.” She narrated amidst tears.

This was the words of Mrs Newell Asamoah to Ghana web as we mark a day set aside to raise awareness of the fact that women around the world are subject of rape, domestic violence among many other evil cultures on women.

November 25 is a great day against violence on women but we often forget men suffer similar instances of violence by their women partners.

Some men are a subject of torture, abuse and similarly a form of rape. Yes, I said rape, when they are unwilling for sex, their compelled to yet our cultures see a man to be stronger forgetting some women are more powerful and evil than men.

“This hurts me to the core…. This is my older brother. He was burnt with boiling water by the mother of his kids because of insecurities”, posted on twitter by the victim’s sister, Sithembiso Dube from Cape Town.

Sithembiso brother is deform now out of an impatient and wicked woman who couldn’t hold her peace, as to what she chanced on the phone, nobody knows. But insecurities by some women can lure them in doing evil sometimes.

This is a story of a South African young man who dreams of a beautiful life with his partner but ended up bathed with hot water.

Imagine the media headline if it was the other way round.

In other for our society to grow and develop we need to be circumspect and narrow on what is abuse. How can we fight abuse.

Let’s lawfully end abuse on both men and women. The perpetrators must be dealt with according to our laws being it a woman or man.

Written By Abdul Azeez, GhTrendingLinks

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