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Kiddwaya’s Latest Post About Himself And Erica Signifies Proposal; Read Why

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One will definitely assume Erica and Kiddwaya are the latest couple in town and won’t be wrong.

These two have had the very back and forth bashed by fans who taught they were not taking their relationship serious when they were in the house.

Lots people love them because of how genuinely and lovely they look together.

The actress and the Ciroc newest ambassador, have this super connection and attraction between each other that makes it difficult to think they can ever break up.

Things have however not gone the way the fans, Shippers, would want.

Especially after Kiddwaya asked Erica to be just friends for now.

Yesterday, November 20,2020 Kiddwaya posted a picture of him kneling and looking at Erica’s back; a significant move towards a proposal.

This was after his sold out party at Eko hotel which everyone sensed Erica’s presence but never saw her.

Erica’s morning post on her Instagram story clearly shows both lovers were together at an identified location.

Kiddwaya posting Erica on all his social media platform has been termed as ‘claiming what’s yours’.

This they intend to communicate that Erica belongs to Kiddwaya and it’s time to tie the knot.

This was glaring enough in Kidd’s posts. Flush Ciroc Vodka’s ambassador has consequently announced Erica as his other half.

This, he reinterated latter as he posted Erica and himself with the caption “Mood after a few Kidd On D Rocks”

is the long time dream of the Shippers, Waayagang and Elites finally coming into reality?

This will be massive and it will shake the whole Nigerian entertainment industry.

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