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Saturday, December 4, 2021

What South Sudan Built With Funds From FIFA Vs What Ghana Built With Same Fund – Saddick Adams Writes

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The sports Obama has this to say about how Ghanaian leaders have utilized the amount of money received from FIFA funds.

He compared Ghana’s structure to that of South Sudan who gained independence recently given access to FIFA’s fund.

Read what his post below.

“South Sudan is just 10 years old.

Their Football Association built this stadium using funds from FIFA. (FIFA Forward).

Ghana’s one of the first countries to have accessed those funds and they put up one of the worst sports complexes in the world with millions of dollars. In fact when Ghana started receiving these FIFA funds, South Sudan was not yet attained independence. Today, they own a stadium and ultra-modern facilities.

They’ll transform and surpass us just like we sit and whine here about Malaysia, Rwanda and Singapore.

We are so greedy as people and given same platform and funds, other serious leaders will impact their people while our people will enrich their greedy selves.

With funds from same financier, picture 1 is South Sudan today.

Picture 2 is Ghana and that’s the biggest infrastructure we did with our funds.”

South Sudan
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