Ruff town records management team of Wendy Shay have secured the services of two Jamaican music superstars in an upcoming single.

The upcoming song titled “She Got It” is expected to project the queen onto the Caribbean market.

‘She Got It’ is Produced by Kwashawa Records, the upcoming single will feature Jamaican Dancehall giants, Shawn Storm, and D-Chase.

The song, as we understand, will intend to catapult Queen Shay into the international market.

Wendy Shay has been, without a doubt Ghana’s biggest female artist in recent times.

According to Ruff Town records signee, her focus now is on how to get the rest of the world buy into her style and talent.

And it’s a great news her management has actually taken steps towards that.The collaboration is huge and will do a lot for Wendy Shay’s career.

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