We Are Not Envious Of The Nigerians About Their Wealth, We Are Attacking Them For Killing Our Youth With Drugs – A Faceless South African

The ongoing killings happening in South Africa as a result of xenophobic attacks on other Africans living in South Africa, for greener pastures have been conveyed by a South African Lady who thinks their attacks on their fellow Africans are not what majority are speculating.

He went on to expressed a generous self-assurance towards what’s going on he stated, they aren’t envious of the Nigerians taking their jobs but they are angry of the foreigners that are spoiling their youths on the streets with drugs, Nigerians are unruly he added

According to a South African man whose twitter account name is Lucky_da_hustla from Pretoria, the Nigerians who went to South Africa in search for jobs have tend to find job for the youth of south Africa by selling drugs to them and this has made the South Africans angry and for that matter the only way to end that drug abuse is to get rid of the Nigerians in their country.

Conferring about the issue on board, he openly made his intentions to what he thinks is the right thing his people are doing, termed justifying the wrong, this statement of his attracted people to his post bombarding him of the false feed.

This is a respond he received from a concerned ” Don’t they have law enforcement agencies? If certain Nigerians are unruly, why not get them arrested, deported or prosecuted rather than allow those rascals to take the lives of certain persons doing legitimate business!”

Maame Dede

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