[Watch Video] Shatta Wale’s Eulogised By A Chinese National! The African Dancehall Ruler Is Popular In China

My Level by the African Dancehall King catches the attention of a Chinese national, she details how she fell in love with Shatta Wale.

According to the Chinese national, Esther a friend of Gary Al Smith; Shatta Wale’s ‘My Level’ is one of her best song and she listens to even when she’s in China, the song is fantastic and she feels so happy whenever she listens to it, she replied after Gary asked her about Shatta Wale and his songs, the journalist is one biggest fan of Shatta Wale.

Esther inveterate her presence at last year’s reign concert at Trade fair, she details to Gary how she came about attending the concert and how the fans were crazy for Shatta Wale that day, she was enthusiast about what took place at the concert but her only problem was the timing, yet she kept waiting for 2 hours before the show started.  

The Chinese National loves Shatta Wale and her songs, a Shatta Movement fan in China.

Shatta Wale Set To Test The Asian Market, since he is popular in China as confirmed by Esther.

Below is the Video

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