[Watch Video] Sarkodie Signed Strongman Burner, Intent to Sink Him – Artist Manager Spyda


Georgina Ekua Amoasi, Ghtrendinglinks

On Zylophon 102.1 FM Flagship, Artist Manager Spyda replied the host Sammy Flex, as an experience manager, Sarkodie should have signed Donzy instead of signing Strongman Burner, this was the answer given to Sammy Flex when asked Spyda, ‘if artist grow powerfully in the industry, can he sign on another artist’?

In a studio discussion, Gallaxy group boss, Spyda elucidated his reasons for saying Sarkodie should have alternatively gone for Donzy, due to the relationship between them. Strongman Burner unexpectedly came to limelight, and everyone liked him, he was already in a mainstream, Strongman was already having the followers, and Sarkodie came to the scene and signed him, so clearly you could see it was deliberate. Sarkodie was having an agenda in signing Strongman, and his intentions is to signed and sink the rapper am saying these with no fears as a Tema boy, He stressed on.

According to Spyda, Sarkodie and Donzy were too close, Donzy is a full package to be overlooked, and he seems not to understand why Sark signed Strongman instead of Rapper, Donzy. He also directed the arrow towards some artist who also manages artist of their genre, if you want to manage an artist you have to stop doing music, with that your concentration will be on the artist signed and can even write songs for him/her to do instead.

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