[Watch Video] Blood Crash Rev Obofour’s Boys Blood-Crash Chief Executive And Officials Of Tema Municipality

Ghana as a country has suffered a lot of under development not as a laws and regulations on issues that affect the state but however a clear lack of implementation and enforcement of the said regulations within the particular sector.

We have had issues concerning how district or local assemblies are supposed to be the architect or brain behind progress and development within a particular area.

On the backdrop most assemblies have come under serious critique for been up to the task of implementation of policies within its district. Several accidents could have been prevented in the area of sanitation and hence prevention of flood across its areas.

Most at times officials of the assembly just as some organizations are subjected to beatings and threats from people who are affected by the inspection.

Not long ago officials of PDS  now ECG were a subject of torture and beatings from the Krobo area.

The sad spectacle has reoccurred in Tema where officials of the Municipality were beaten by machomen of Rev. Obofour’s church.

Blood was all over some officials as the Chief Executive and the district engineer received a fair share of the torture.

The question is for how long will it take us to be able to find an amicable avenue of solving a problem of implementation?

Some such as Dan Kwaku Yeboah of Peace FM have often suggested we use a military style of implementation as it was effective at Adenta where pedestrians were seen using the cross over upon sighting the presence of soldiers.

What can we do as a nation to ensure that we are able to implement our policies at the local level without subjecting officials to torture and beatings??

Below is the video after what happened

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