[Watch Video] Abeiku Santana Jabs Nana Aba Anamoah For Questioning Symply Tacha’s Home Coming Celebration, Calls Her Ghana Celebs Girl’s Prefect

Symply Tacha of BBnaija fame is now the hottest celebrity in Nigeria, and outside Nigeria because she’s been celebrated worldwide.

Don’t forget she has trended Three consecutive times worldwide, she has fans in Ghana, Benin, Cameroon, Cote Devior, USA and other countries who loves and takes up her matter as theirs.

Natacha Akide her real name and well known as Tacha was recently in Ghana to meet and greet her fans.

As usual the detestation in the industry didn’t allowed most Ghana celebrities to breadth, questioning about her coming to Ghana and who she was.

Someone will ask; are they aren’t familiar with the google? And why didn’t they look for who Tacha is, rather than asking who she is?

That alone shows the bitterness towards the pleasant-sounding treatment the reality star received from Despite Media and her fans when she came to Ghana.

The pains that got to some of these celebrities to asks questions about Tacha and the credibility of Despite Media opened a door for some Ghanaians to insults the hell out of Despite media.

Okay FM Presenter Abeiku Santana who was in charge of Tacha’s successful welcoming event, got the most punches but kept cool till yesterday.

Abeikua Santana questioned TV personality, Nana Aba Anamoah on why she’s so quiet on Cardi B’s and Ghana Celebrities brouhaha, as their Girl’s prefect and spokesperson who had so much energy to question the credibility of Despite Media and Tacha, should channelled the same energy towards Cardi B’s and Ghana celebs affray.

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