South African Reggae/Dancehall artist NC Dread Song “We Gi Dem” Featured Africa Dancehall King Shatta Wale, air-played on Zi FM Stereo far away Zimbabwe by DJ Flevah and Etherton Beenie.

DJ Flevah was actually drowning himself immensely with the new tune from the two artist, he then described Shatta Wale as Africa’s Finest Dancehall King

The video was recorded during the radio program was on going by DJ Flavah at Zi FM in Zimbabwe this means the ADK has really work hard for the whole world to see but not as some Ghanaian media see him to be local champion but conquer the world.

Shatta wale is making serious waves in the world with his songs, he is gradually becoming a household name in Africa and Europe, and I believe NC Dread will not regret doing the collaboration with Shatta Wale.

Almost all his songs are blistering on the streets of Africa, and this time Zimbabwe is not different. It’s actually very difficult to have your songs air-played and trend in the home of other country.

This just cements how well branded he is, it also means anyone who will have the opportunity to work with Shatta Wale will not lose.

Ghtrendinglinks has tried hard to get the video as the African king shared on his Instagram page.

Below is the Video

Writer: Eddie Nak

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