[Video] Traditional Rulers Poured Libation, Prayed To Drive Away Corona Virus From The Land

The Traditional rulers have intervened on behalf of Ghana, offered prayers to the gods to drive away Corona Virus from the land.

Even when they were sidelined by the government, after which the Christian and the Muslim Breakfast Prayer at the Flagstaff house, they were excluded from doing their part as the third party – traditionalist. They went ahead to pray for the nation to be healed from the dreadful disease, that has brought the nation to a standstill.

The land of Ghana has been invaded with Corona Virus for the past weeks with the virus infecting about hundred and sixty people and killing five. One could be heard praying in Ewe that “may the gods come and drive away this evil sickness and forgive our sins”. Some also prayed in Twi, Gã and other local languages.

The head of the Traditional Rulers speaking with United Television disclosed that, any bad omen that had befalls on the country has been driven away by the gods of the land, so it deemed necessary for the Traditionalists to also do their part , by offering prayers to help the country to be free from any pandemic disease.

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