[Video] The Most Expensive And Luxurious Bed In Ghana; The Price Will Shudder You

They say that before buying something from the market. You should know your budget and do your upmost to stay faithful to it.

In this video, Tutulapatu’s manager went to an unknown showroom in Accra for a chair, he saw a luxurious bed, he then approached one sales lady to know the price, to his amazement the bed worth old Ghana cedis 1.7billion (GHc 170,000).

This shouldn’t shudder you because we have people right here in Ghana who can afford it so easily, money is in Ghana.

Your bed is your sleep palace. No matter where you lay your head, it’s a cherished part of your life. Some people sleep better than others.

The BED price is around GHc 170,000. The world most expensive bed is made by Hästens Company. Thus, describes the mattress as “the world’s most luxurious bed.”

The bed is handmade with layers of natural materials like horsehair, according to the company, allowing the mattress to breathe, remain dry and maintain comfortable body temperature.

A bed is an essential part of any mans room. After all, a great finest and comfortable bed in a room beautifies a bedroom, it makes you feel confident to bring in visitors to your room.

Anyone who has a quality and perfect bed in his or her room will testify to the fact that there is no substitute for the real thing.

To prompt readers on this page, the most expensive bed in the world 2019 is $170,000.

And right here in Accra Ghana is GHc170,000, you better believe it, Below is the video

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