[Video] GDGSwayNation Boss Elijah Don Calls Sarkodie ‘Big Time Opportunist Rapper’, Accuses Him Of “fraud”

Self-acclaimed best and rich rapper, Don Elijah subtly jabs sarkordie with his new song ‘Agyi Nsamu’. He directly jabs sarkodie for being ungrateful and biggest opportunist rapper in the Ghanaian industry.

The rapper believes Sarkodie is ungrateful and doesn’t value the hand that picked him up when he was struggling back then, the GDGSwayNation’s Boss thinks he is privy to have a share in Sarkodie’s fame, and probably needs special reward from Sarkodie.

According to Elijah’s and I quote the exact lyrics from his new track ‘Agyi Nsam[‘ ‘everyone indebted to one another, people do borrow all the time, but a situation where you even forget to pay off your loan, or reason to pay back people is a crime. A cut-in video song of Sarkodie confirmed the statement made by Gidination boss, below is the video

Below the video

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