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Actress, Erica Nlewedim got nominated for international award formulated by her excellency Sabrina Jackson.

Erica popularly known as star girl will be interviewed based on popular demands by voters.

A questioned demanded followings to choose and tag nominee (s) they want to see interviewed at the Virtual Launch Party.

Erica Nlewedim had the deserving numbers rooting for her to be interviewed and even suggested questions.

Blvck Women Worldwide were so excited and even pinned our post hinting that those suggested question will be considered.

The award winners will be announced during the live virtual Launch Party.

Below is the video

Blvck Womxn Worldwide is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established for the advancement of Blvck womxn in all walks of life. 

They are a dedicated team of members and volunteers working to connect Blvck womxn with the support and resources required for personal and professional success.

Their mission is to accelerate the growth of Blvck womxn in motion, by building a global community where will be seen and celebrated.

They have a unique platform and curriculum drive connection, mentorship, sisterhood, and solutions for Blvck womxn wherever they may be. 

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