Ghanaian Reggae artiste, Blakk Rasta has descended heavily on Nigerian president Buhari for the killing innocent youth in Nigeria.

Nigeria has been one of the unstable African countries due to so many catastrophic situations.

The brutality by the Nigeria Police and a group called SARS backed by president Buhari has been alarming recently.

A president who ignorantly sit down unconcerned has a cold heart, for him to even feel empathy is another topic on it own, Blakk Rasta stated.

According to Blakk Rasta Buhari has neglected the poor people who voted for him to be killed like fowls.

Nigerians voted for Buhari thinking he is a changed soul who was coming to change the economy of the state but doing otherwise, he dished out.

President Buhari is a useless dying old coup maker who doesn’t think about the well-being of his country, Blakk Rasta fires.

Watch video below;

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