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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Very Sad: Watch How Ghana Police Dragged Funny Face By His Shirt Like A Hardened Criminal On The Run For Years Into A Police Vehicle

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Benson Nana Yaw Boateng is in the news again but this time about how the police treated him.

The comedian was in a live video dishing out his mind to his the ex wife.

He verbally assaulted the lady and in the course said some things that the Ghana Police Service considers a threat to the woman.

Accordingly, the police visited his apartment and effected his arrest.

The stirs this has caused however is the way the Children President was dragged into the police vehicle.

In a number more than two, they dragged Funny Face out of his apartment like a hardened criminal on the run for years.

It is totally wrong mal-handling a civilian unarmed in that manner.

Funny Face said he’s ready to take on the police service in court.

Watch the video below.

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