UTV Ghana Trending #1 Worldwide, Kind Curtsy Of Symply Tacha’s Fans With #TachaThanksUTVGhana

#TachaThanksUTVGHana is trending No.1 spot worldwide

Social Media, it is important to be ‘social’ which means brands and people have to keep engaging. Twitter Trends helped to keep that engagement focused. People & brands keep using hashtags or particular term based on a topic to talk about things and exchange thoughts

Don’t be surprise when Tacha IG followers hit One million overnight she’s trending world wide.

As at 8:07 in Ghanaian time, symply Tacha of big brother fame fans were trending Tacha and UTVGhana worldwide, with #TachaThanksUTVGhana and the amazing part is, the hashtag pegs #1 spot.

That’s so hilarious by the fans, these people are the real deal, the preceding and primary time UTVGhana hit worldwide spot on twitter was today, the 3rd of December, 2019.

People pay to get trend, celebrities and big stars exhilarate when they trend, or their songs or products trends.  It sometimes difficult to see even our African musicians’ trends worldwide but a 23year old girl Natacha Abinabo Akide a.k.a Tacha do that simple via her lovely fans.

UTV trending worldwide is a boost for their platform, products and brand. I believe attaching oneself to this angel called Tacha is a sacred sign.

I didn’t believe worldwide thingy, as a blogger I normally visit such to see what goes around the world, was initially amazed at what I saw, I kept scrolling to be sure and not making a mistake, nope; I wasn’t, below is the video

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