Uproar On Social Media – Nana Agraada Throws Away Her “Gods”, Chases Jesus Christ[Interesting Video]

Famous fetish priestess in Ghana, Patricia Oduro has announced her decision to follow Jesus.

The former priestess who boasted so much about the potency of her gods was picked up by the Ghana police based on reports that she has been duping innocent but desperate citizens through her infamous scheme, “Sika Gari”.

According to many who lodged the complaints against her, she promised to double whatever amount sent to her.

She was however granted bail on 22 April, 2021 but had to be re-arrested after Rev. Obofour also lodged a different complaint about about verbal assault.

Agraada was finally released from cell earlier today and she can’t stop talking about how good the Lord has been to her.

In a press briefing, the self-styled priestess was seen glorifying Jesus Christ and his Father for taking her through all those difficult times.

She announced to the press that the Lord has called her into the ministry and has ordained her as Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng.

Watch video below

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