Until Government Unfrozen Menzgold Company Accounts, It Will Be Challenging In Settling Customers – Nana Appiah Mensah

During press conference organised by the MenzGold CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah exclusively at Zylophon Media premises few minutes ago, on the state of his companies with final practical solutions to all pending matters, a leading customer on behalf of all customers pleaded with Nam 1 the CEO of Menzgold Company to heed to their request.

According to the sole customer, most of them are in dying needs of their money in other to survive the hardship circumnavigating the Ghanaian system, he also made a humble submission to Nam 1 to put himself in the Menzgold customers shoes and consider the difficulties they are encountering.

Nana Appiah in responds told the customers to be calm and help him make an appeal to the government to unfreeze his account so that he can send the money he has in his foreign account through the account here in Ghana to avoid money laundry.

According to the CEO Nana Appiah, he is ever ready to work hand in hand to pay the customers.

Nana Appiah popularly known as Nam 1, sincerely pleaded with the government to help him by de-freezing his account in order to do the necessary expected for his customers.

He finally made his remorse submission to his defaulters and his willingness to pay them very soon. He also pleaded with the customers to exercise a little patience with him and also expressed his penitent for the departed souls who died out of tremor and quandaries his company brought to them.

He offered his appreciation to the government of Ghana, Ghana representative of Arab Emirates, the Dubai government, customers, his workers and everyone who supported him immensely throughout his trials.

Credit: Georgina Ekua Amoasi, GhTrendingLinks

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