Students of Ghana’s most Prestigious institute of education, the University of Education Winneba (UEW) have forced a thief they caught to sing hymns.

Even though unlawful, what is predominant in our society is that when a thief is caught he is either beaten or killed.

Stjdents of UEW have however adopted another strategy to punish thieves.

A viral video from the school, posted by Loud In UEW, a man in his mid 30’s was seen in the video being forced to song hymns.

The students are said to be residents of Alpha B hostel located at the Central Campus of the school. The Central Campus is the campus designated for music students.

Unfortunately for the man, the students made him out and had identified him as a member of the popular Winneba Youth Choir.

The students realizing he is a member of the famous choral group played the piano for him and asked him to sing .

The man did not not disappoint either as he sang passionately, showcasing his vocal dexterity.

Watch video below

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