Self-acclaimed social media influencers, Beno, Piano and Annie have gotten their selves in a mess.

Twerps woke up to the three twitter influencers trending for the wrong reasons.

Following the trends, Beno’s girlfriend is Annie and Piano is his friend, a friend he even support financially.

Unknowingly to Beno, his girlfriend Annie is cheating on him with his friend Piano.

Things escalated as Piano yesternight posted Annie’s nude in the name of showing off his girlfriend.

The faultier on the table to be dealt with now is Piano who leaked Annie’s nude on twitter.

According to Piano his intentions wasn’t to leak Annie’s naked pictures, he thought he covered her sensitive part before posting.

Piano has rendered an apology to Annie through twitter and has called for his own arrest.

As we all know their colleagues Agenda boys and girls have taken up this matter and are still on from last night.

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