Two Secondary School Students Display Their Wild ‘P0Rn’ Skills During Class Hours – Watch Video🔞

The current crop of Second cycle students have had things a bit easy so they approach almost everything with no iota of seriousness.

Their school fees , feeding and other expenses are currently being taken care of by the government.

A video chanced on by shows two Secondary students banging each other.

In what seems like an amateur porn video shoot, the culprits showed all their skills they have mastered over the years.

The incidence is way becoming too much in the country. It is a troubling situation indeed.

All the authorities, from the Ministry of Education down to the schools’ Parents Teachers’ Association, need to do more in guilding and educating our future leaders.

The school is unknown but we are on the grounds, trying to get every other developments or necessary information to complement this story.

Keenly watch this space for more… Below is the video

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