Twitter Chose Ghana Over Nigeria Because They Are Not Indigenous, Even The Name “Ghana” Was Rented – Nigerian Politician With A Borrowed Sense Disgraces Himself

One time presidential aspirant of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Adamu Garba has been out disgracing himself.

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey announced Ghana as the headquarters for their operations in Africa through the same platform.

Whiles a lot of Africans are happy, some Nigerians feel their country deserves the nod more than Ghana do.

One Adamu Garba, known for his constant gibberish took to Twitter to lambast the technology company and Ghana.

The man who is always ignorantly confident claimed he is not surprised Ghana accepted the offer because even the name ” Ghana” was rented.

It is quite fascinating why someone who passed himself fit enough to become president of the Nigeria couldn’t do a simple research before coming out to disgrace him.

It is obvious the man has allowed hatred to cloud his sense of reasoning.

It’s complete nonsense coming from someone as high as a one time presidential aspirant.

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