Tonka UrSpeakative Exposed Ameyaw Debrah And ‘So Called’ Industry Gurus For Their Bias Reportage, Undermining Shatta Wale

Hypocrisy, double standards and favoritism has taken over Ghana’s music industry in recent times, most of the people running it have decided never to do so with fairness/professionalism just because each stakeholder, gatekeeper has his or her favorite artiste he/she is protecting his/her interest.

They massage great news to make it look ordinary, try to undermine or discredit great news that emanates from other camps other than theirs.

Their frequent muttering has angered Immanuel Quojo Teye Menxa popularly known as Tonga UrSpeakative a blogger for querying Shatta Wale Grammy nomination grandeur.

The blogger last night during a twitter interaction exposed Ameyaw Debrah and Co-partners over their support for a particular artist who was also on this same table they are shaking.

Fans and loved ones triggered after Ameyaw Debrah via a telephone call inquired whether Fuse ODG has plaque or anything to show as Grammys winner Likewise Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale’s victory is causing a lot of deliberations among some industry players, debunking his Grammy nomination statement as invalid forgetting his participation qualifies him automatically.

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