Tomorrow Isn’t “gurlz gurlz Day” but Mothers, Stop Slaying; Cook, The TakeAway Is Too Much – Shatta Wale’s Mom shares advice for young women

Madam Elsie Amegah, has gone hard this time around on today’s young ladies.

According to Madam Elizabeth Elsie Amegah, Shatta Wale’s mother, 21st-century women are so lazy to put a saucepan on the fire, their inability to cook is getting out of proportion.

Madam Elsie, today was on Peace FM 104.3 entertainment show ahead of tomorrow Mother’s Day with Kwesi Boakye in a discussion of mother Days.

Madam Evelyn Elsie Avemega was in the Studio with Medikal’s mom, Madam Porshia Lamtey and they gave the young women, especially the young ladies advice, before the ultimate show. Madam Elsie in an intense response said tomorrow is a mothers’ day and not ‘gurls gurls day’ she bewailed.

Tomorrow is mothers’ day and not girlfriend’s day, therefore young women should take the opportunity to pay an official visit to their mothers for advice. “The take away” is too much, ladies of today are as cool as a cucumber in cooking. It a bad practice and therefore should stop.

Shatta’s mom tried to egg them on do the needful, she also advice them to stop slaying and focus much on themselves.

The funny part that triggered the moment exhilaration is when Mama Shatta said “visit your mothers let them teach you the traditional way of cleaning an essential part of your bodies, also, how to mash tomatoes with earthenware (ayewa and tapoli), herh. Stop taking dropping to your boyfriends’ house expecting them to do the payment, meanwhile, you visit them with nothing, this time visit them with foodstuffs and cook better food for them, the takeaway is too much”

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