Three Reasons Why Mentally Disturbed Ibrah One’s Assertion About Shatta Wale’s Health Should Be Taken With A Pinch Of Salt

Infamous alleged fraudster and social Media nuisance, Ibrahim Dauoda alias Ibrah One has falsely alleged that Shatta Wale is battling with a kidney problem.

Fans from the Shatta Movement camp have since been worried about the news.

Upon several verifications and consultations with the SM camp, we can say that Shatta Wale has no such issues.

We therefore want to give three Reasons why Ibrahim One shouldn’t be taken seriously.

First and foremost, Ibrah One has never been taken seriously in this country and we don’t see why he should be taken seriously today because he spits gibberish about Shatta Wale.

Is he not the same person who claimed he would kill himself if Nana Addo instead of Mahama won the 2020 elections?

He is still on social media ranting about things that do not concern him.

Secondly, Ibrah One is a confirmed mentally disturbed man. This, his family confirmed on a live TV show, “The Seat” on Net2 TV

His brother who went to Kennedy Agyapong to beg on his behalf for verbally abusing the honourable said he has (Ibrah One) been suffering from Bipolar disorder for some years now.

According to his family represented by his brother, he has drugs that help to subside the disorder. And that he begins to misbehave whenever he refuses to take the drugs properly.

Probably, our brother has forgotten to take his drugs if not there is no way he will be making those unfounded assertions.

Lastly, Ibrah One is an attention seeker. The person in question is not a bit close to the camp of Shatta Wale or Shatta Movement.

Where then has he be gotten such information as important as this from?

This is not even coming from an aggrieved ex Shatta Movement member or ex friend of Shatta for it to be considered in anyway.

It is a clear sign of attention seeking. Probably because he knows Shatta Wale’s fans will come at him, creating some level buzz around.

Ibrah One has done the worst including leaking his own sex tape for clouts so this shouldn’t be surprising.

To conclude, Ibrah One’s assertion is either driven out of his love for clouts, his failure to take his drugs or because you shouldn’t have taken him seriously in the first place.

Truth is Shatta Wale is very healthy and has been assiduously working towards bringing the best album out of Ghana, the “Gift Of God”

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