Those That Hate Me The Most Wish To Be Like Me, Pretending To Be Sorry, It’s All Fake

A lot of the time, hate arises from misunderstanding, or not knowing someone well enough yet and forming judgements instead of getting to know them better. So, people get it all wrong by hating on someone without any cause.

Charles Nii Armah Mensah a.k.a Shatta Wale this afternoon in his post elaborated on the need of learning how to say thank you and Sorry deep down from your heart. In the aspect of human lives, we offend others daily and the need to quickly realised that and be sorry makes it simple for one another.

He also wrote that those who hate you the most are the ones who want to be like you regardless, if they don’t get what you have, they turn to hate you rather.

The Ghanaian dancehall ruler advised his followers to be mindful of ungrateful heart who pretends to love them but innermost imaginary to say sorry and forgive.

Whats revolving around all these advice and sayings?

Careful when they say they love u .. It’s all fake !!!

They just wish they were you !!!!

But that’s not possible 🤣😂🤣!!!

Learn how to say THANK YOU AND SORRY deep down from your HEART ❤ and stop pretending !!

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