Like riches, Poverty is an inheritance bequeathed to generations. Until one person manages to break the yoke through hard work, God’s favor, luck and shrewd planning, the cycle continues. Some die to end the cycle. Until we work hard to make life better for our children to build on, they will grow and queue for jobs.


Look at this, our grandfathers were foot-soldiers for Nana Addo’s father..

We are foot-soldiers for President Nana Akuffo Addo and Ex-President John Mahama and other political leaders, you see how it works? Do you even get it?

If you are broke today and die same, Mahama’s grandchildren have an advantage in life than your children.


Most of us aren’t rich because our dads were broke, you started life renting and you live each day saving to renew your rent? When are you going to build?

You see, a few might end up building but majority will die as tenant.

This is why our generation must think differently and approach life with and different mentality.We cannot pray our way to riches, it doesn’t work that way: we have to work for it even after we have prayed.


Just look at the kids in the pic, I bet you, not all of them will complete SHS, some will get pregnant along the way, their children will be born into a deprived home and the cycle of poverty is going to continue. Painful but that is life, the field is never level.

But there is hope for us all, even as we work to make our lives and that of our children better with little knowledge of how it is going to end, we can start by being honest and teaching our children to be same.


We have to learn to earn the trust of the people we encounter because it can be the key to unlocking an opportunity.

Every child must grow in the knowledge that there is a reward for being honest, it might delay but it is timed perfectly. .

Some of generations are broke because a forefather wasn’t honest with the family treasure. There is a reward for integrity regardless of the level of depravity. Some children are bring supported because of the selfless service rendered by their dad.

Don’t leave your children with an empty bank account and a deficit in integrity.

How do you expect them to survive?

Isaac Kyei Andoh


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