The Wonders of WonderBoy Album Just Begun As Shatta Wale Unreleased Wonderboy Album Peaked No.30 US iTunes Top 100 Pre-Oder Albums

Wonder boy is already flapping onto charts on iTunes USA all genres, it’s peaked No. 30 off Top 100 pre-order albums.

 This clearer shows that people in the United States are seriously purchasing the album and loving the contents.

Shatta Wale unreleased Wonderboy Album peak no.30 on US Top 100 best pre-oder Album on US itunes all genres, first ever to happen in the history of Ghana Music.

‘Melissa’ hitmaker Shatta Wale is the only artist to have 13 solid hits songs on his album. The Wonder boy album launch is coming on this Saturday at the Fantasy Dome. Shatta wale is the only artist to have filled fantasy dome back to back. Come Saturday is expected to be another history to be made, and a record to be broken.

If this energy continues regarding the purchase of the album, it will make the album hit on billboard charts and other recognise global music rankings and award schemes.

Wonder Boy Album in the iTunes USA Top 100 pre-order albums. Pre-order yours

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