After they made us slaves.

After trading us like ordinary commodities in the markets. They humiliated and raped our women. They made us throw our rich marriage cultures to the gutters to adopt theirs, as if there is something wrong with our own.

They told us we are children of some lesser gods. They gave us a book of which they wrote themselves and told us to follow it strictly when they themselves do not follow as they told us to do. They told us there are heaven and hell somewhere which we much seek at all cost. They made us believe what they have written with their own hands and dare us not to question the logic therein, as that constitute blasphemy. So we hold their hand writings in high esteem and anybody who hold contrary view is considered alien and outcast. These put fears in us and clouded our thinking faculty. So to some extent, we think very inappropriate. With the fears in us we build the hells and live in them whiles they build the heavens and live in them.

They made us to believe life, death, sickness, health and wealth come from God. So we spend our days in the churches and prayer camps expecting miracles from GOD.

Today, we Africans live in a hell called Africa, where cholera is killing us like flies, HIV and Hepatitis is killing us every day, a hell where politics means life and death to some, whiles they lived in the heaven they built with the gold they stole from us.Instead of us to think about How to develop ourselves and Africa, we strengthen our greediness, that one person wants to take everything that belongs to many, and greed is like drinking salty water, the more you drink, the more you want, but never get satisfied.

We have allowed ourselves to be possessed by spirit of laziness in thinking. Instead of building factories, we build churches and always spend time in them, giving our small incomes to these false prophets making them rich and richer everyday as if we are children of Satan and enemies of God. Doesn’t it ring a bell, to realized the countries we run to them for loans? do they have churches and prayer camps as many as we have in Ghana? Is it not worrying to have all these churches around us, yet we are the poor, poorer and poorest. If we should go by the logic of many churches as blessings to Ghana amidst our sufferings, we will say it is rather a manifestation that God is not pleased with the way we worship Him. He needs us to think critically like His children not like children of some lesser gods.

Are we to say the God we serve is really pleased with us according to our Bible, Qur’an and the rest?

Written by Rabiu Lecturer

We must think outside the box for once. The time is now!!

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