The Western Togoland Problem Is Not Too Crucial To Be Dealt With By National Security – Irbad Ibrahim

How can an individual declare independence? united nation is the only body that can declare a country as a republic.

My fellow western Togolanders with what I am hearing, I am not sure you know very well of it implications, with much checks on united nation website, there is nothing like that.

The question I want to ask is during the declaration was United nation aware?

The Western Togoland issue is craving it way in. Irbad Ibrahim has wade his way into the issues and this is what he has to say.

Irbad Ibrahim Writes;    

‘Secession and separatism as political phenomena comprise a sophisticated plan to break away from a sovereign state with all the needed machinery of forming a new Government put in place. Look at South Sudan and other examples.

Clearly what we are seeing in Ghana is a far cry from that in terms of scope, reach and sophistication. I urge the people involved to take it easy and engage the State on every count of their grievances. The State should also be responsive to all the people and every corner of this country.

Ghanaians should go about their routine activities without any fear or panic. We are a solid and tight-knit country with a common destiny.’

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