The Truth Behind Shatta and Stonebwoy’s Rivalry

Maame Dede Writes: The Truth Behind Shatta and Stonebwoy’s Rivalry

In my humble opinion, the facts put here about Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, and the rest of the artistes is simply to update their fans. I don’t get why some fans troop under a post just to insult and fight each other. Opinions are like noses and some of them smells, be vigilant you don’t step on people’s toes. Don’t get up with your 1ghc or 2ghc and come and spew ‘nonfa’ on social media.

Shatta and stonebwoy are successful and far gone. You that you sleep with your mom and dad in a single room, you that you perch a friend’s corner, you that is praying to God for a job, you that you go to Church, Mosque to pray to be successful, just wake up to insult a successful person.

In clearing out some clutter in the house, recently Shatta Wale came on Facebook Live articulating his grievances to the world, how monster he has become because the media, der nooorrr bam under his comment section, insults started to flow like water, I asked myself why? What’s his wrong? Trust me; you wouldn’t wish to be in that guy shoes for a day, do you? You can’t bear the heat in his shoes, never. The rivalry between the two is normal everywhere but this our media and bloggers, have incited all these “revulsions” and “uncouth tag” for Shatta Wale.

 The media need numbers so badly that, they always use their power to stir controversies in a bid to generate enormous publicity for their pages, radio and TV shows, the same media uses Stonebwoy’s lately grandeurs against Shatta Wale, simply because he has become successful today without their full support, after falling as Bandana, he came back strongly as Shatta Wale(Unusual) to supersede the likes of Khaki, Samini etc upon all the support the media gave them. The hard truth is, the street loves Shatta Wale, the street pushed and massively supported him.

 The media spread wild news about him undermining his achievements, making it look like he doesn’t deserve to be where he is today. The same media incited daddy Lumba, Kojo Antwi, Amakye Dede against each other, did they ever do a collabo? Nope, media was always there to put Kojo Antwi and co at loggerheads.

Where were Stonebwoy when Shatta Wale came into the scene with hit by hit dancehall/reggae songs. We all know Shatta Wale was ahead of his game wayback when the two were friends, and it was beautiful between them. Ask yourself why will Shatta Wale hate Stonebwoy as the media is depicting? Shatta Wale has already won most awards and international recognition, before Stonebwoy started to gain grounds in the Music field but the same media were there to create their usual nemesis to knocks their heads together and that of their fans as well.

Setting: Imagine two brothers together in the same house, and the parents one way or the other tries to make the elder one looks stupid infront of his younger brother, how’s the feeling like, if it were you?

This same media started all the unfolds drama we are witnessing today…. Many of you will love to be a brother to Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy. Stop the nonsense, hate won’t win and help the industry to grow. Think…

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