After being wowed by Shatta Wale’s latest masterpiece, 1 Don, the African Music channel promised to make a curation of 5 Shatta Wale songs.

Well, the list of those songs has been revealed.

As said earlier, the songs are 5 with 2 bosus.

The first on the list is Already by Beyonce’ featuring Shatta Wale and Major Lazer.

The next is Melissa. A love song that took Africa by storm.

The third song is “My Level”. An inspirational song with a Dancehall and Hi-life fuse.

“Mind Made” is their fourth choice. Another Dancehall inspired tune with a very nice video.

“Amount” completes the list. An Afrobeat song hotly delivered on a high tempo danceable beat.

The TV station added two other songs, Driving License by Becca featuring Shatta and Gringo as bosus tracks.

It is obviously clear that Shatta Wale’s songs are so much that just making a list 5 will be a Herculean task over which to choose,how to choose and where to make compromise.

The said program, “Base Top 5 ” will be aired on DSTV channel 322 at 9: 30 Pm Ghana time and 10:30 WAT.

The African music channel and announced this in a Twitter post.

Checkout the song that brought all the ‘luck’ #1Don

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