The ‘Three Wise Women’ Of Big Brother Naija Pepperdem Are Currently In Ghana

Currently the ‘three wise women’ of the Big Brother Naija season 4 are on the soil of Simply_Tacha’s motherland.

Eddie Nak of spotted the main character Mercy Eke with  her baby Girl for life Diane and miss BBNaija4 Kim at the Kotoka International Airport upon their arrival into the country, Ghana.

Fans of these three musketeers never made any noise about their fav going to Ghana. So, what could be the reason of their visit to Ghana?

From what Ghtrendinglinks has gathered so far, Mercy and her friends are in Ghana for a personal reason which cannot be revealed to the public.

Another news reaching us also says that Mercy brought in Diane and Kim to see Ghana’s finest and experienced surgeon, Dr. Obengfo for a real booty deal for baby girl and miss beauty.

Fingers crossed as we wait to see the outcome.

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