The Sunyani Boy who makes bomb and a car that respond to a phone call, Genius; Watch

With recent advancement in Science and technology, so much information is available and easily accessible to any individual across the globe with the help of the INTERNET. Despite the available information, it takes an intelligent mind and some skills to invent. We have known most inventions to have originated from the west but you are missing something.

In recent times, Africans are coming up with some inventions that are breaking the edge in the technological world. Unavailability of raw materials is the challenge but a genius like this young Ghanaian knows what to substitute to make his design work.

In 2017, this young man from Kyere, a suburb of Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region, made a bomb which he could detonate using his phone. Just after his father cleared his farm, he placed the bomb there and detonated it when he got home. It worked perfectly but ended up burning part of the farm.  No injuries were recorded during the course of the experiment. “I can do other forms of bomb, be it a car bomb, one room bomb and some other one which could bring a house down” He confidently told the team when he was interviewed.

The 19-year-old Sunyani-based SHS student is not only interested in making weapons of mass destruction, he also has other inventions to his credit. He made a car that can respond to a phone call. The interviewer doubted until he made a try before his very own eyes. That’s not all, he made a portable Solar powered system that convert the sun’s energy into electricity which can charge mobile phones and other electric appliances not more than 220v. His idea of placing a boost converter on the system to step up the voltage from 11v to 220v was amazing.

The final among his inventions was the wardrobe that can only be opened with a special card. The wardrobe is irresponsive in the absence of the card. The young man was beaming with ideas. Geniuses like this young man need the right tools and a suitable environment to do better.

He is enthusiastic about putting Ghana on the globe. “I want to help Ghana produce things we need instead of importing them” He said. He called on the leadership of the Country to help him make his dream a reality.


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