As somebody who believed in equality, former late president Jerry John Rawlings undertook several measures to achieve this aim as the chairman of the PNDC.

Some of these drastic measures included beating and stripping market wowen naked for selling below or above the fixed price, and consficating private properties from private individuals.

So many business and wealthy men at the time who couldn’t give any “convincing” reason for their wealth got their properties, including money in the banks locked up.

One of such stories was shared earlier today by popular sports journalist, Saddick Adams better known as Sports Obama of a businessman based in the Bring Ahafo region.

According to Saddick, the man’s Benz the next target of the military PNDC regime so he devised plans to hide it.

Alhaji Agyaa, name of the businessman had no other choice than to lock up his luxurious Mercedes Benz in a reinforced garage in order to avoid it being confiscated.

On his Twitter page, Saddick Adams posted ;

“For those who grew in BA [the then Brong Ahafo Region], this man was very rich and popular in the 1970-80s. He was the only millionaire who could acquire this Mercedes in the early 80s when JJ Rawlings was Military leader. Rawlings wanted to seize the car so the man-made a special metal garage to hide the car.”

He also added that the car was nicknamed after the billionaire “Alhaji Agyaa Benz”.

“Alhaji Agyaa was his name. The car was popularly called “Alhaji Agyaa Benz,” he wrote.

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