The Pot Calling The Kettle Black, Comedian Waris Shades Nana Boro Over Kwaku Smoke And Shatta Wale’s Brouhaha

Ghana’s finest Comedian, Waris has waded into the ongoing ruckus between Shatta wale, Nana Boro and Kweku Smoke the upcoming artist who has accused Shatta Wale of stealing his song.

Nana Boro throwing subtly jabs at Shatta Wale. In a video circulating on social media demonstrate how infuriating the issue with Kweku Smoke and Shatta Wale is making him. He said he will beat up Shatta Wale for stealing his boy’s song and beating him in addition.

Comedian Waris, who is an enthusiast of Shatta Wale’s songs has also hit it hard on Nana Boro, he quizzes Nana Boro, is it the one that Nana Adofo accused him of stealing his song?

Kweku Smoke allegedly accused Shatta Wale of stealing his song, below is all that he has so far narrated.

According to Kweku Smoke, Shatta Wale tweeted he liked his vibe and expressed interest in signing him which got him excited. Kweku Smoke says he was invited to Shatta Wale’s house where they both had a wonderful day.

He said Shatta Wale expressed interest in featuring him on one of his songs on which he agreed, after he was done featuring on Shatta Wale’s song and was waiting for Shatta Wale to finish with his part, he realised the Dancehall artist has creatively twisted his song and is set to drop it as his own song.

Now, the “Bebia Soso” hitmaker in a new video has said is going to take Shatta Wale down after attacking Kweku Smoke.

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