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Thursday, September 23, 2021

“The Indefatigable Erica -“The Ultimate Complete Package”

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The queen of the Elites league, the beautiful Ms Erica Ngozi Nlewedem aka Star Girl has taken to Twitter to express her life as an influential star.

In her Twitter post she wrote ”Sometimes you wake up and be proud of yourself, it’s not easy to be beautiful, hardworking, smart, have a good heart, be kind and have a great relationship with God all at the same time. I am the complete package!”

I for one see Erica as the “Jack Of All Trades” cos she’s an actress, a brand ambassador, a lifestyle and travel influencer, an entrepreneur, reality TV star, has an NGO, has a YouTube page Etc .

Justifying why Star girl Erica is the ultimate complete package, we all know she works with numerous big premium brands.

She also has the biggest support of an irreplaceable treasure, the dedicated and the organized fanbase the Elites league; Elites is currently the most influential fanbase with massive number of fans.

In every BBN season, there’s always that one fan-base that’s is main clout, Elites top the chat. Erica is literally the meaning of her name eternal ruler, blessing, beautiful, popular, loving, loyal confident & relentless.

She’s has now trade marked Star-girl, her acting is on Netflix, her smile is attracting brands & her fans never carry last.

She’s working in silence and letting her success speaks volume; Despite all the misguided hate on Erica, she’s elevating on a daily. When u are destined for greatness no clown can stop your shine.

She’s currently one of the hottest African influential stars…..Erica is yet to live her best life because the best is yet to come. I wish Erica and her genuine fans all the best, as for the haters, step-up or step aside. Need I say more??

All hail the Queen of the Elites league.!!

By Adjoa Penny

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