The Government Is Gradually Lording The Chinese By Sacrificing Our People, Natural Resources And Laws For Their Happiness.


The Ghanaian Majority is disappointed with the recent news making headlines surrounding the arrest and subsequent ‘magically’ missing of Helena Huang, a 43 years old Chinese woman arrested with Four containers of lumber in the northern region of Ghana. It is not long ago when some Ghanaians recuperated from the shock following the pronouncement by the senior minister, regarding the deportation of Aisha Huang and linking it to the Synohydro barter Agreement between the Government of Ghana and China (A Chinese Company). It is indicative that the government of the day is not doing so well with handling Chinese cases in this country.

Following the comments by sections of Ghanaians, many are those suggested the government must do something fast about this whole Chinese issue before the ordinary Ghanaian citizens begin to make up their minds. I have not much knowledge on International relation and Diplomacy, but I personally think at a point in our lives, common sense is enough, because we cannot be living in a country where average citizens cannot cut down trees in commercial quantities for commercial purposes [freely], whiles we watch a woman from China destroy our vegetation and still be left off the hook in the name of Bail and expect us, responsible Ghanaians to be okayed with it. It appeared we are gradually developing the attitude of Lording the Chinese by sacrificing our people, natural resources and laws for their happiness.

There is widespread of Chinese in the nook and crannies of Ghana engaging into illegal activities, and there seem to be less anybody can do about it. It is important to note; Ghanaians are not happy about the activities of these Chinese and the kind of treatment States sponsored institutions offer them when caught in the web is mind-boggling. There are those who quizzed whether the government introduced Youth in Afforestation program for our youth to grow more trees for the Chinese or the government is doing so in the collective interest of Ghana and Ghanaian people.? I am afraid to say the posture of the government is not encouraging and could indicate the former.

I am still looking for a country apart from Ghana, where foreigners are treated specially, like Demigod over the citizen. Maybe we are in a new era of the slave trade crafted in a modern fashion.

Imagine the treatment an average Ghanaian would have received from the police for being arrested with four containers of lumber [rosewood].?

This is the question many Ghanaians are asking. For the answer; Your guess is as good as mine.

“I know the Lord does not forget his people”. As Alpha Blonde rightly intimated in his track ‘Masada’.

May we be protected by the God we serve. Ameen

By Rabiu Lecturer, Writer, Ghtrendinglinks

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