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Teacher Kwadwo Revealed and Thanked The Man Who Bought Him A New Drone To Aid HisProjects-[Details]

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Teacher Kodwo’s new drone is the trending topic on his page for the past few days.

The most famous teacher in Ghana could not hide his joy after getting his hands on this new expensive drone.

As an appreciation to the young man with a heart of gold who helped him by buying him the drone, he has shared the story of how they met to the point of getting a drone delievered to him from the USA.

Read the full story below.

“I went to OBUASE to eat fufuo. He was also there to eat. He called my name and I turned but I realized I never knew him. He said 🗣 “you don’t know me but I know u. I have been watching your videos and you are very good”. I thanked him and went inside to eat.
After eating I was told he has paid for my food.

I approached him and thanked him again. We exchanged contacts and he told me he is in USA and comes home often. At 1st,I thought he was lying because he was soooo simply dressed that u might think he is “Nobody”.

Fast forward,we started talking on phone and he asked me how far with my videos then I told him I am on some project so I have paused for now and will be back with more of it. I told him I am buying more gadgets to come up with new contents so when I’m ready he will see new contents. He asked.. “what gadgets?” Then I said… “ooohhh More cameras and drone. They cost a lot so I am taking my time to buy them”

He replied… “Will you be okay if I buy you the DRONE?”

what? I told him it’s expensive so he shouldn’t worry about it.
He laughed and said…”send me a link of the DRONE you are talking about.
I sent him and the price was about $1,041.81

Within a month,he got me the DRONE from USA!!! MAVIC AIR 2(fly more combo). God bless you MR.ISAAC. I can’t thank you enough.”

Mr. Isaac
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