Stop Putting Pressure On Celebrities (Yvonne Nelson) – Warripikin

A Nigerian social media influencer and a vlogger, Real Warripikin has descend on the public for accusing the Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson for wearing a slippers for four consecutive times in snap shots of which she showed on her Instagram page.

 According to Warri Pikin, people must stop pressuring our Celebrities to  live their lives beyond expectation or otherwise to live a lie in the public domain, but rather allow them to live a content and a modest life. She further stressed that being a celebrity doesn’t mean they should always do things to please the public and fans by any means possible, In other ways celebrities just as normal people should feel at ease to live. She added on that branding should not be something difficult or an obligatory life for people, but individual life living within their means.

She also blasted social media freaks about their expectations vis-à-vis Celebrities, “What’s the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside?”  when a celebrity goes for Foods, Drinks, Clothes, Jewelleries and other expensive things, shows off on social media, the same people quickly jumped in to criticize the celebrity in question topping it up with negative reaction

Some celebrities who also live an open and sincere lifestyle are sometimes bashed by people for living a  too simple  and  modest life styles, and are sometimes tagged as broke and wannabes. Warri Pikin complained that This nonsense must stop, “Yvonne Nelson is also a normal human being moreover “slippers are not disposable cups for her to use and dump it out, so people who always blast Yvonne Nelson on her outfit and how she should live her personal life must put a stop to it in a video she posted on her IG page kindly watch the video below?????????

Writer : Eddie Nak

Publisher: Maame Dede ( Ghtrendinglinks)

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