Funny Face finds comfort in a comment to his video in which he was crying and lamenting about his ex wife’s refusal to see his kids.

Troubled Funny Face was in a live video detailing how badly his ex wife, Vanessa has been treating him.

According to the comedian who got his fame after starring as a “mate” in TV3’s “Chorkor Trotro”, his ex wife refuses him the opportunity to see his kids even though he is the one paying for their upkeeps.

People who saw posted lots of comments under the video.

Funny Face however loves one particular one by Tobe Igwe who advised the comedian to seek legal advice or go for a DNA test for the said children.

According to him, the fact that the mother of the children is preventing him of seeing the children or at least see their pictures is suspect.

Funny Face showed appreciations for the comment.

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