Stonebwoy To Feature On An International Billboard Rated Upcoming Album

One of the co-producers of the biggest Reggae/Dancehall album in 2020, the Tropical House Cruises To Jamaica, King Tiger has announced his team’s intension of getting Stonebwoy on their next project.

The New York based Musician has been instrumental in the success of their last project.

On whether Stonebwoy will be the headliner or not, he said we should all wait till that time.

The leader of their team, Contractor, a Jamaican producer and the executive producer of the said project, said that they were advised by Morgan Heritage to look into the African market hence the inclusion of Shatta Wale who eventually became the face of the album.

Upon seeing the successes the album has chalked in such a short space of time, the top-notch music producer admitted that their investments haven’t been a waste.

It must be on the back of this that they will like to look into the African market once again.

King Tiger took to his Twitter handle and posted ” PSA Stonebwoy is on our next upcoming Billboard album dropping soon…”

Stonebwoy is another powerhouse in the genre and investment in his talent won’t be a waste of money.

This is another opportunity to sell Ghana to the world.

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