Social Media Influencer MoMo Queen Has Cautioned Ladies To Stay Away From Toxic Influencers & Build A Healthy Relationship

Female social media influencer, Miss Bernice Worlalie popularly known as Momo Queen and CEO of Xclusive Nails & Makeover has today made a pronounced statement by cautioning  the young ladies of today to kindly keep a healthy relationship with their men and also added a three steps of advice on relationships talks which will help the young ladies of today especially those called “Slay Queens”

The popular MoMo Queen brought up three relationships tips and masterpiece for the young ones of her age and below is the steps:

1. “Relationship is just not a fan base game.

It saddens my heart when I see negative influencers all around people’s relationships, whereby when a minor issue arise these bad influencers try all they can to destroy the beautiful moment these lovers shares

2. I will like to advice, especially to my dear ladies, never pay attention or never sell out your relationship problems to toxic people to decide for you on what to do…A toxic mind is a toxic mind so therefore can never give a positive advice.

3. Respect your partners and understand their emotions no matter the circumstances. Momo Queen also added that every lady should try to seat their men down and see to their needs and finds ways of supporting him.

Researcher, Eddie Nak

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